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Automatic can be a single leaf, double leaf, fully automatic, or exceptionally low energy. That we can installed as new, yet most existing aluminium or wooden doors can also be changed to become automatic swing doors. Automatic doors are a perfect solution when you want to enjoy the effortless of opening and closing of door access entry system.

Automatic entry doors generate the impression that your firm is well established, professional, skilled, and trustworthy.

Automatic Door Installation & Repair

Why Choose Automatic Door Access for your Automatic Sliding Doors? Automatic Door Access is an individual installation, maintenance service and repair company. We are the leading company in the UK for installation and repairs. We believe one day we will become highest quality manufacturers and installers of automatic sliding doors.Our freedom provides us a great deal of liberty. We can consider every project on its own terms, choosing the products and accessories that we know will be perfectly suited to meet your exceptional needs.

Automatic Door Access

Automatic Doors

Creating an appealing and effortlessly reachable entrance, automatic sliding doors are well suitable to most associations and commercial sites, but mostly supermarkets and hospitals because the wide access makes it easy to manoeuvre hospital beds, wheelchairs, shopping trolleys, and delivery vans.

Extremely handy, they can be used as a single or double doors building and are wonderful for internal and external openings. Best of all, their flexible layout means that they can be incorporated into almost any building front. We also have understanding in planning and installing high-quality stainless-steel finish automatic entrances doors. We can install automatic sliding doors with full opening width as you require. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

There are many different varieties of automatic sliding swinging doors. • Sliding Doors new installation, maintenance services and repairs. • Swinging Doors installation, maintenance services and repairs. • Revolving Doors new installation, maintenance services and repairs. • Balanced Doors new installation, maintenance services and repairs. • Telescopic Doors new installation, maintenance services and repairs. • Bi-Folding Doors new installation, maintenance services and repairs. • Automatic doors sensors and motor replacement and repair on site .

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Automatic doors installation & repairs.

Automatic doors supply, installation, and maintenance. With vast knowledge of installation, maintenance, installation, and repair service . Our company is working with many organisations such as hospitals, schools, hotels, metro stations, McDonald's, banks, kfc, high street shops, shopfronts, and many more.

We do maintenance contracts. We have installed many automatic doors, sliding doors, swing doors in various places. We can replace parts replacement on site, most of times on same day. We are capable to deal with any kind of situation such as if the door is not working or if it stopped working completely. We have capable engineers, who have many years of experience in automatic installation, maintenance, repair and services on sitemap.